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About Local 

Local food connects producers to consumers in the same geographic region, in an effort to develop sustainable food networks, improve local economies and to have a positive environmental impact. Local food often supports sustainable and organic farming practices.

About 100 Mile Food Services

What does local food mean to us? At 100 Mile Food Services, we aim to improve local economies, lower food miles and tell producers’ stories.

We’re a family owned and operated food distribution company, servicing institutions, retail stores and restaurants.  The core of our business is sourcing premium locally grown and processed protein, produce, dry goods and specialty items, and deliver it straight to you. We pride ourselves on creating and upholding partnerships with local farmers, producers and suppliers. As a result, we offer and deliver sustainable locally grown food the foodservice and retail industries.

Founded in 2009, 100 Mile Food Services was born from the idea that Southwestern Ontario offers some of the best food in our country. We set out to:

Improve Local Economies – One dollar spent at local businesses can return upwards of 75% back to the community and surrounding areas helping to improve the local economy dramatically over time.

Lower Food Miles – Food often has travelled long distances to our plates with considerable environmental impact along the way. Buying locally helps reduce the environmental impacts.

Tell the Story – We help you tell the story about where the food you serve your customers has come from, and we believe this is a powerful part of the dining experience.

To us, it’s more than just food. It’s the farmer’s process, their care and dedication that result in outstanding products. Want to indulge in Southwestern Ontario’s local food scene? Contact us to learn how we can create a personalized foodservice relationship with you and your establishment.

Our clients

We service both foodservice and retail clients across Southwestern Ontario, including Fergus, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Hamilton and Collingwood.

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